Thursday, January 15, 2015

Vote for us in the Follett Challenge!

We could win up to $60,000 
in Follett materials for the LS Library!

To ring in 2015, I decided to enter the Follett Challenge, an educational competition that promotes innovation in 21st century learning. Some of you may have seen me taking videos during our December Interest Groups - this is why! I created the video above (with help from the Website Wizards) to share our Interest Group program with the world and to hopefully win us some new books!

Part of the Challenge score is solely based on how many votes each video gets. If we receive enough votes, we could be one of the 10 "People's Choice" award winners to receive $8,000 each!

Voting begins Monday, January 19th and ends Friday, January 30th. 
Go to to vote - and you can vote every day! 

Tell your friends! Your neighbors! Your Twitter followers! The more excitement we build and votes we receive, the better our chances are!

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