Checkout Policies

General Policies
  • Lower School students may check out up to five (5) books at a time.
  • Books check out for two (2) weeks at a time.
  • Students may renew books for an additional two (2) weeks, as long as there is not a hold placed by another student for the book.
  • Students should return their library books on or before their due date.

Overdue/Damaged/Lost Books

  • Overdue books are not charged late fines, but we do appreciate it when students return their books in a timely fashion for others to enjoy.
  • If a book becomes damaged in a student's possession, it is the student's responsibility to inform Cheryl right away of the damage incurred.
    • Please do not attempt to repair the book yourself!
      • We purchase special book repair supplies for torn pages, broken hinges, separated pages, and other common book damage. Allowing Cheryl to repair the damage using these supplies helps ensure that the book will have a much longer shelf life.
    • If a damaged book is beyond repair, the book must either be replaced or paid for in full.
  • If a book is lost, keep looking! Often times, books will turn up in backpacks, under beds, in cars, in cubbies, and other familiar places.
    • Students may still check out books if one book currently checked out is overdue/lost.
    • If the student and parent are certain that a book is lost, they may either purchase a replacement or pay for the book in full. Please see Cheryl before doing this.

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