Thursday, September 24, 2015

Kevin Henkes!

Friends, we had such an amazing visit with author and illustrator Kevin Henkes yesterday! Kevin introduced himself to Lower School students and staff (and a few parents) by showing us pictures from his childhood, noting that he had been drawing since he was two years old. Originally from Racine, Wisconsin, he moved to New York to pursue illustrating and writing as a career. His first book, All Alone, was published in 1981 when he was only 19 years old - nearly 35 years later, he's still writing and with the same publisher! 

Kevin shared many detailed aspects of his writing and illustrating process. His newest book, Waiting, had been an idea nearly a decade in the making! He was working on clay creations when the idea (literally) took shape, but he decided to switch to watercolors and colored pencils for the illustrations in the book. It was so wonderful to hear about the book making process - from start to finish and with all of the inspirations and revisions along the way. Kevin even read Waiting aloud to us, accompanied by a projected version of the illustrations - how neat to see them blown up so large!

To end our author visit, Kevin took several questions from students. During his talk, Kevin had mentioned that he carries around a writer's notebook everywhere with him so that he can jot down ideas when they come to him. One student asked if Kevin had his notebook with him - and sure enough, he did! 

This author visit was generously made possible in collaboration with Flyleaf Books in Chapel Hill. Kevin also spoke at Flyleaf last night and signed books - I may have purchased one for myself too. :) 

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